January in Review


How did you all make out in January? I did... eh... okay. You can find the original goal post for January here.

January 2010
  1. Spend $50 per week (or $250/month) on groceries. - Uhm, fail! I was depending on Mint, but the delay bit me in the ass. We ended up going over. In February I am setting the same goal, but I will write my grocery totals in my planner to make sure we stay under budget!
  2. Set restaurant ($85/month) and entertainment ($125/month) budgets. Success!! Let's keep the ball rolling.
  3. Get back on the healthy eats bandwagon. Check!
  4. Learn some fitness mandatories. I did just okay with this. I wanted to be able to do the splits by the end of this month... and I wanted to be able to do a 1-arm pushup. Well, I completely slacked on both! Luckily, one morning I devoted several minutes (yes, I am THAT much of a slacker) to the push-up, and I was able to crank them out once I figured out how to balance myself. As for the splits... I'm carrying that on over into February!

The budget goals were huge eye openers for my husband and me! Even though we broke the grocery budget we still saved a ton! It felt great to be mindful of spending and not be so frivolous! Our savings account thanks us, too!

February 2010 Goals
  1. Spend $250/month on groceries (approximately $50/week).
  2. Adhere to $85/month restaurant budget and $125/month entertainment budget.
  3. Pay more attention to food sensitivities! I will get this squared away before the hardcore comp pepping begins!
  4. Do the splits!
  5. Practice yoga 1x/week
  6. Run 2 miles and ENJOY IT! (This was actually a January goal that I forgot about! LOL!)
  7. Complete bathroom makeover. New sconces, shower rod, artwork or shelves for above toilet (???! ), shower curtain, maybe paint (but maybe not! LOL!)

What are your February goals?


*EM* :) said...

WHOAAAAA, I musta missed something! ARE YOU DOING FITNESS!?!?!?!?
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!
Keep working those mandatories! Your body adapts to what you make it do on a regular basis!

Becca said...

there is no way that I could spend $50 a week on groceries unless it was $50 each. TIm is a bottomless pit and i am not much better...but our chicken, whey and broccoli consumption alone is more than tha. lol

Genie said...

Hi Em!! Nope, no fitness for this chickie! I just want to learn a couple of the mandatories, mainly the 1 armed push-up and the splits! LOL! :o)

Hey Becca! I only buy meats when they are on sale, stock up, and refuse to buy them again until they are on sale. LOL! It takes a lot of planning... and coupons!

JJ -Shopping Candy for my first home. said...

I don't know how to spend less that $100. a wk on groceries and it's just me. I need tips :)

Fitness Jenn said...

Give it time...today it's working on the mandatories...tomorrow it's getting on stage with ME under the FITNESS DIVISION! LOL ;-)