Blogger FAIL!

Good morning Bloggerfam!! Man, have I been MIA or what? Apparently 2010 is my year for blogging brain farts! LOL! I have things to blog about, but the words are at the tip of my tongue fingers and are stuck! So, this is just a random blog, filled with a mish-mosh of random info, in an effort to get back in my blogging groove.

Since it's a new year, let's start with resolutions.
  1. Spend $50 per week on groceries. We have been doing this for a few weeks now (Christmas dinner for the family at our house included!) with much success. This could potentially save us well over $500 a month! Unfortunately, our stash is dwindling down quickly!! To aid in this process, I am trying to incorporate the following: 2 OAMC (once a month cooking) recipes per month, 1 meatless meal a week (I'm not a huge meat fan anyways!), use what we have on hand. My first OAMC recipe was a disaster. I ended up saving it by using what we had in the cupboard, and we do have two meals of leftovers, but the recipe itself was not good. Note to self: If it is called "Poverty Meal", while the reviews may be good, proceed with caution. I turned it into a Tex-Mex type of soup. When frugal goes wrong...

  2. Set restaurant ($85/month) and entertainment ($125/month) budgets. So far, so good. It has only been a week,however, and our restaurant budget is almost shot!! LOL! Dinners at home, anyone?! We could comfortably make these more, but what's the point in that? This is supposed to be at least a bit of a challenge, right?! Disclaimer: These budgets do not include large trips.

  3. Get back on the healthy eats bandwagon. EPIC FAIL! I have a lot of fitness goals, and one of my short-term goals is get back to eating clean the majority of the week, then have only 1-2 cheat meals. I'm great during the day, but I'm not doing so hot when I get home in the evenings. I need to keep this goal in the front of my mind. I tend to conveniently forget until some Combos or cookies are in my mouth! LOL!

  4. Learn some fitness mandatories. FAIL, again!! I have always been amazed by fitness! I, however, have no intentions whatsoever in competing in fitness. Performing on stage, alone, ACK! no desire! I would fall on my face. I do want to be able to do the fitness "tricks"! This month, I will be working on my one arm pushups and all three splits!! So far I haven't done jack. I know the splits are achievable within a month. Those usually come fairly easily for me if I put in the stretching. That's just it, I have to do the work. As for the one arm pushup... I'm fairly certain that the strength is there, coordination and balance is not! I have a YouTube progression video that my friend Tasha linked me to back in the day. I will start incorporating that!

So, there you have it! My top goals for now! These may not be permanent. One thing about goals or resolutions is that you have to be flexible! If they obviously are not working, you must be willing to adapt or change the rules. I do think my goals are attainable, so let's see what happens!

Hmmmm... it appears that this blog entry did have a focus after all! Go me!! :D


Becca said...

Good job on the spending thing!! WOO! TIght buget, but I bet if we REALLY TRIED we could make it work. Maybe. LOL. But that woudln't include supplments, right? LOL

And as far as the fitness moves go, I can do a one handed pushup. A, as in, singluar. LOL. haven't been able to do the splits since HS But I'm trying DESPERATELY to get back to being flexible. :)

Mellissa said...

You can make the spending goals :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

i think its awesome you have budgeting goals! i need to get that implemented!!
and yeah as far as fitness goals...right before i found out i was expecting my first baby,i was actually training for a fitness america pagent-i had the 1 arm push up down,the splits down,straddle press,front press,high kicks...i could even balance myself on my my hands and go from a prone horizontal position to a handstand.....and NOW....geez maybe a one arm pushup but thats it! LOL!! ahhhh my goals for 2011 may have to change now!

Amber said...

I have been missing your updates Genie. Get on it girl ;)...The fitness goal sounds like fun.