I'm blushing!!

Good evening folks! I've been doing kitchen reno crap all night. I was wrong when I said I was spent earlier. Now I am supah dupah spent!

Anyways, I thought you all might want to read my interview on a great blog which promotes female athletes, bodybuilders, figure athletes, bikini competitors, MMA fighters, etc. Jason works really hard to make this blog what it is. Hop on over there and check it out. :) Pay no mind to my typos in my answers. Proofread FAIL! LOL!


Seriously, this interview is just as bad as watching yourself on tape. I blush and cringe every time I read it. LOL!


Melissa Cunningham said...

Genie! you sounded sooo friggin cute and adorable in that interview! nothing to cringe at at ALL! (now mine on the the other hand,yeah,i still blush and cringe..lol! proofread always failsw me too!)

anyways,you did an awesome interview!!
now go get some sleep!!!!

Genie said...

Thanks Melissa! I LOVED YOUR INTERVIEW! You never cease to amaze me!

I'm not tired. Some crazy CRAZY shizz just went down (not bad and not fitness related LMAO), so my head is spinning. Maybe I will sleep tomorrow! LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a great interview! And it totally captures you and your personality. You are such an awesome woman and one fun gal too :) Peter was laughing at your comment to me the other day asking how the fam bam was? He was like, whats a "fam bam"? You always make me smile.

Kathie said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me about this earlier. Omg! It was a GREAT interview. Totally showcases you to the fullest. Love ya babe!

Angela said...

I loved the interview :) So no cringing allowed ;) I think you sounded great! And your personality came shining through :)