Fitness Freebies!

Hola! Hello! Yo! Yerba Mate!
I've gone a little crazy here in Genie Land!

I have been playfully perusing the wonderful world wide web this morning, and I managed to find some deals and freebies that I thought my Bloggerfam would enjoy! Seriously, I haz a massive list compiled.

Free EAS Bar or Shake
Head on over to EAS and register! Afterwards, ya get a printable coupon for... you guessed it!... a free EAS Bar or RTD. Click -->HERE<-- to get your loot!

Free Taco at Taco Bell
Take it easy tonight and SKIP COOKING! Taco Bell is being the bomb dot com and is offering a limited number of coupons for a FREE TACO to spread the word about their new Drive Thru Diet. Click -->HERE<-- for yours! (Becca, thought of you on this one!)

In a Pinch
While I'm not the biggest microwave dinner fan, here's a great coupon for HEALTHY CHOICE. Get $5 off 5! I'm thinking a lot of supermarkets have these "healthy" frozen meals on sale this week because it is dieting season after all! Pair these coupons up with a sale, and you have a killer deal on your hands!! Click -->HERE<--

CHEAT MEAL! Expiring Soon!!
Okay, this one isn't exactly fitness related, but it is too good to pass up! Get a FREE ARBY'S ROAST BEEF SANDWICH with a soft drink purchase! This one expires in just a couple of days, so get it while it's hot! I printed two off. Seth and I are going to each use a coupon tonight, I will donate my sandwich to him, then swing by Taco Bell for my free taco. How's that for a cheap dinner?! Click -->HERE<--

Alrighty folks, there's more where those came from, but this should get you started!

Enjoy a happy and healthy weekend! TGIF!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, thanks for all of the coupon links. I love coupons!

Becca said...

Pat wanted me to thank you for these. He's heading to Arby's on his way home from work to get the freebie. SIKE.
Anywho I have eated the free EAS bar, and I would totally eat a free taco anyday. (For the record even though it's not really an ideal way to lose weight type of diet, I dont see what the big deal is. Some of these items have less fat than a TBSP of PB and haz chicken and lettuce and pico. Ok, so there's a toritilla in there...oooooh...big effin' deal!)

Also, I win the award for the most non-associated blog comment ever.
Take that, Mate!