Lack of sleep is prevalent in my life this week. Monday I fell asleep during my lunch break. Tuesday I fell asleep amid an IM convo w/ a dear friend (who does that?!), and this morning I fell asleep while sipping coffee in preparation to do The Shred. I'm not one to nap often, especially ON ACCIDENT and DAILY! LOL! I'd like to blame a seemingly subtle work schedule change that has thrown my systems offtrack. I AM SPENT!

Also, in other spending news, our 2010 budget is moving along quite swimmingly in the grocery department. Our restaurant budget has dwindled down to a whopping $3, and our entertainment budget is also down to $3. BOOOOO! I am looking forward to February already!

And completely off topic, tonight we start removing our kitchen floors! WOO hoo! I can't wait to see the finished product! The new floors should be installed by the weekend, then I have some cabinet work that I am doing. I also need to check with Lowes for new countertops. YAY!

Did any of you set spending/budget goals for 2010? How are they holding up? I hope you are doing better than us. $3 doesn't get you far these days! LOL!


Dana said...

I'm giving it my best effort to be money conscious. Grocery spending is down although we're eating out more. Sometimes it's cheaper that way sometimes not. I'm trying to cut back on the unnecessary. I'm doing okay.

JJ -Shopping Candy for my first home. said...

I can't wait to see the floors when you're done!
I'm trying to eat healthier, just went to the grocery store yesterday and only bought healthy foods :)

Anonymous said...

We are keeping closer track of where we spend our money right now and will cut back from there. We don't have a set budget, but we do plan money friendly meals to keep grocery costs down and only go out on a more "real" date 1x/month for the time being. It's looking good so far.


Jen said...

Just read your interview on promoting real women.. "You go Girl" I'm so proud of you..

Mellissa said...

We have cut in some areas since we are selling a house and want to buy our next house.

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I've got 70 in spending money till next week and I'm going crazy. I only have plans to go out to karaoke,I'll think I'll be okay. lol Trying not to dip into my other funds. lol I have a shopping problem. lol I keep thinking about this sale at the Limited..but 70 will be gone if I enter that store.

Jamie said...

We need to start working on budgeting. We really don't eat out very much at all but I don't track our groceries as much as I should. I feel like I spend SO much money on food!

Melissa Cunningham said...

we are on a grocery budget right now...under 150 a month for a family of 4...which is hard to do when you need healthy foods around!
OH and btw i just read your interview..AWESOME!!
and another btw,i have been having the same issues with sleeping,except my only excuse is that i have a parsite sucking the life out of me!! hope you get some real sleep soon!!

Genie said...

Hi DANA!! How's it going girlie?! Sometimes eating out is cheaper, so I don't like cutting out that cost completely. Do you get those Entertainment books? We got one for Christmas, and it has great coupons for buy one get one meals to a lot of restaurants in the Huntington/Ashland area.

It's great hearing from you! I'll be sure to post up more restaurant coupons that I come across. We've been tearing those up lately! :) Gotta love free tacos and roast beef sandwiches! hehe

JJ, OMG, we have the biggest mess! I will do an update post tomorrow with progress pictures. You will die when you see what was under our floors! HIDEOUS! LOL!

Great job on the healthy foods at the store!!

Hi TINA! We have tracked our spending at www.mint.com for a while now (2 years, maybe?) I really like it. We are never great at keeping to budgets because we never try. We really want to save a ton this year, so we are definitely putting more emphasis on it.

JEN! Hi!! Thank you so much!! I miss you! I'll have to hit you up on FB! :)

That's great MELISSA! You always achieve what you set out to do. This will be no different! :)

Oh NICCI! I haven't been shopping this much. I don't have a shopping budget, though. LOL! Luckily the shopping is not the greatest here, so I'm rarely tempted. I am going a little overboard in buying books this year, though. Oops.

Hi JAMIE! We spend a lot on food. Our budget for the month is $250, and surprisingly it hasn't been difficult. I highly recommend www.mint.com. You just plug in your accounts and it automatically puts that amount in the proper section. Pretty cool! It also tells you how you can save more through different savings accounts, credit cards, etc. Maybe I should do a blog post on it later this week! :)

MELISSA, love you! Thanks girlie!! How are you feeling lately? What about the move, etc.? $150 a month is VERY impressive for a family of that size!! You'll have to share your secrets! :) I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to give myself a B- for sticking to budget goals. I do pretty good everywhere but the grocery store. I'm crazy picky and get what I like! Nothing goes to waist.. guess I just have expensive taste :p