Daily Log

TUE 01.19.10
30 Day Shred - Lvl 2

MON 01.18.10
30 Day Shred - Lvl 1, run 1/2 mile, pullups (187)

SUN 01.17.10

30 Day Shred - Lvl 1, pushups, stretch (133)
PM: Legs (hamstring & glute focus), stretch (265)


Becca said...

I'm calling it right now. you will never daily (food) log (on blogger) lol. Weight, log, maybe. Love ya!

Genie said...

Oh my sweet Becca (LOL!), it won't be that detailed. Just the date and brief workout description. :)

You know me all too well!

GetNFitN2010 said...

Very cool idea Genie. Maybe I should start a log, too. Do you find that it helps you stay accountable?

Genie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in! More than accountability, I like keeping a log for future reference. :)

Anonymous said...

Man, and I thought I was a tightwad LOL! I text Becca when I was at Kroger because the 10/$10 yogurts made me think of her.

Genie said...

Ape, I'm a tightwad and proud of it! LOL!