Menu Planning Monday - 01.18.10

Hi guys! I've been lucky the past few weeks and have been able to buy mainly sale items at the grocery store. Unlike my usual make a menu then grocery list type of shopping, I have only been buying sale items that I don't necessarily need at the moment and restocking on essentials as I go. This has been working well, because I still end up with plenty in the pantry and freezer to make meals for the week.

This week's menu looks a little something like this:

Monday: chicken, broccoli, baked potato

Tuesday: Tomato soup & grilled cheese (I am out of Ezekiel bread, and since it's pricey, I will try to do without for a while. Maybe I will make a spelt loaf or something!)

Wednesday: Taco salad, no shell, with ground turkey, hummus, and black beans

Thursday: Turkey meatball subs on whole wheat hot dog buns, asparagus

Friday: chicken, broccoli, baked potato

Saturday: Olive Garden (gift card)

Sunday: HAYOOOGE chicken salad

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