Eating Healthy on a Budget!

It can be done folks!!! I made an extra run to Kroger today, even though I knew it would set us over our weekly budget (we are still ahead of the game for the month, though!). I wanted to use up some coupons on a sale that was ending today. I know, I know, it seems like most coupons are for junk food -- it's true! but not all of them are. My biggest penny pinching tip is to pair up coupons with sales. I will hold onto the coupons until the item goes on sale then buy it. Sometimes I have multiple coupons and can stock up.

Here was today's trip. All of this was for a whopping $9.92! Take that Kroger!

10 Oikos Greek Yogurt
Price: $1ea
Coupons: $1/1 (Save $1 off 1)
Final Price: FREE!

4 Old El Paso Microwaveable Sides
Price: 4 for $5
Coupons: $0.50/1 (My local Kroger doubles all coupons up to $.50, so they were really $1/1)
Final Price: $0.25 ea

1 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch
Price: $1.19
Coupons: $0.50/1 (double coupon)
Final Price: $0.19

4 Healthy Life Breads (2 buns, 2 loaves)
Price: $2/4
Coupons: $0.50/1 (double coupon)
Final Price: $1 ea (Kind of have buyer's remorse over this one... I'll have to freeze them.)

Finish Dishwasher Detergent
Price: $3.99ea (BOOOOOOO! Had to buy it, though. We were out!)
Coupons: $2/1
Final Price: $1.99

Grand Total: $9.92!!
Total Savings: $36.38


Becca said...

The free yogurt alone is worth it! Dang! I wish I had some of those coupons!

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

OOoh, I grabbed the last 6 Oikos at Krogers last week.I love when they go on sale. YOu got a good amount for so under $10. I love coupons and sales

Therese said...

Genius! I really want to get better about using coupons...I always feel like they are never for the things I need though :(