Heroes in a Half Shell

I'm a Shredder! Remember this guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! I used to LOVE that cartoon!

No, but for realz, because I have a girl crush on the beautiful Jillian Michaels, I bought the 30 Day Shred. I started today! So far I really really like it!! It was FUN! and the mini circuits kept me from getting bored. It wasn't the most strenuous of workouts for me, but I did level one. I didn't expect to be drenched in sweat by the end... in fact, I don't even recall sweating. HA! However, it is PERFECT for me! It is just challenging enough for me to feel like I'm doing something beneficial, and it is short enough to get my body and brain (and emotions) used to working out in the morning. I plan on seeing this through the full 30 days! I'm totally donating it to my sister-in-law once I finish it up. She'll love it! Until then, I'll keep ya posted! You can find it here in my workout log. I burned 133 calories in 20 minutes. Not groundbreaking, but not too shabby for a short workout, either!

Honestly... I am REALLY excited about doing it again tomorrow morning! That says a lot for me! Since prep has ended I have been a complete slug in the mornings.

So, that's it! I'm a Shredder and I LOVE IT! ;)


Melissa Cunningham said...

keep on shreddin ms shredder! glad you seem to have found a workout that you can handle in the AM! now give me some of your energy and enthusiasm about the gym so i can start getting off my ever growing tushie! (oh geez,total mommy talk here,LOL!!!)

Kathie said...

YAYAYA!! You are a shredder like me. WAHOO!! You should totally join the Shredder crew via my button on my blog. ;) You could steal the button for your's too from her bloggie. LOL!! It's fun! I LOVE IT! I'm doing it again today after having three days off bc it messed up my old softball injury on my knee. But im good now so... BRING IT ON! SO GLAD you liked it. I KNEW you would! LOVE YA!

Dana said...
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Dana said...

Jillian is awesome! I don't like working out at home though it's easy to get out of the zone. Maybe this one would do the trick.