Crumby not Crummy!

Hi guys!! Shoo yesterday was hectic, as is EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY. Heck, every day, but I can usually take 3-5 minutes away from work to post a blog. It's a nice little outlet that keeps me from going loony at work.

Confession: I ate all of my Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Chocolate Chip Champion Chip Cookies (say that 5 times fast) without snapping a pic of them. I ate the LAST cookie only to realize that the bottom of the bag was ALL CRUMBS.

These cookies are tiny little crumbly cookies full of chocolate goodness. They are not too sweet, and while I am a soft cookie kinda gal, I really love this crumbly texture... it reminds me of pecan sandies.

So, guess what I did with my crumbs? I made a layered dessert! Cottage cheese, brown sugar, and CRUMBS!!

Seriously, so good. Who doesn't love dessert as a meal? I should've chased it down with some Amazing Grass to get my veggies in!

One of my favorite things about Newman's Own Organics is not only do I feel good about eating organic treats, I know the profits are going to a good cause!! Check out the sticker on the front of the bag!!

Paul Newman has given over $200 MILLION to thousands of charities world wide since 1982

How can you NOT feel all warm and fuzzy inside supporting a company like that?

I know what all you fitness fanatics are wondering... What are the nutritional stats?!

I tried working them in by eating only 2 (half a serving) at a time... but they are so dang good that it is hard to stop at just two!

Overall, what do I think? I love'em!

Will I repurchase? Most definitely! but I will probably repurchase the Newman's Own Organic Hint 'O Mint Newman-Os first. ;)


Dana said...

Gettin some! Oh yeah.

Becca said...

Nice glass. Wonder who got that for ya?

Fitness Jenn said...

You're a genius! Don't let ANYTHING go to waste! I lvoe the crumb "dessert!!"