Beer & Babies

Just a quick post, while I sip on a loverrrly Coors Light.

I briefly touched on life plans in my earlier post today. I had a feeling this would happen... Rest assured, Seth and I aren't talking about baby making just yet!! I just wanted to clear the air there. I know there was some wondering goin' on. :)

Have a great night, y'all! It looks like I will get Thursday (and Friday, of course!) off work after all, and I am TOTALLY EXCITED!

Hugs and butterfly kisses! :-D


Becca said...

LOL. Guilty as charged.

Kathie said...

Guilty as charged. hahahaha!!!

Thursday and Friday off...LUCKY! I have to come in on Thursday. :(

Anonymous said...

Not guilty!

I lurved ur suthern ackcent on muh comment page. It's sad that I read it just like someone would say it.

Melissa Cunningham said...