Booty Busters!

Just a quick poll. :o) I've been slacking in blog land.

What is your favorite exercise that targets your glutes?

Currently, my favorite... STEP-UPS! I grab some DBs and a flat bench, and I'm good to go. Funny, I used to hate them.

"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials." -- Chinese Proverb


Melissa Cunningham said...

fav booty buster: BOX JUMPS...and also "good mornings"....oh and also hill sprints..yup,im sick like that...

Genie said...

I would LOVE to do hill sprints! I would run into a tree here. LOL! No, really, I wouldn't know where to do them.

I usually do good mornings on back days... LOVE those! I need to do them more often.

Okay, box jumps... do you jump onto a bench?! I'd bust my ass. LOL I need a box to jump on! :)

Jen said...

My favorite booty exercise is the single leg dead lift!! I could do this one every single day..

I'm just now getting where I enjoy box jumps.. I don't usually use a bench.. My gym actually has a wooden box that is about 2 feet high that is perfect for box jumps

Amber said...

my favorite wouuld have to be lunges fo' sho! As much as they hurt the day after I can't seem to get enough of them. And of course, nothing like a good 'ol ATG squat. ;)

Genie said...

Amber, I have fallen out of love w/ squats. :( Maybe I need to just go lighter and do reps? I don't know.

I do love deadlifts, though!