Tortoise & Menu Planning Monday

I ran my first mile this weekend.

How lame does that sound? LOL! My goal was to do it in 10:00 or less. I managed to finish it in 8:36. I can't wait to bring that down. I definitely could have started off faster, but I was scared I wouldn't be able to finish. I have always been FAST, but I can't go fast for very long. I'm looking forward to improving!

Now on to this week's menu.

Pork and chicken was on sale last week, so that's the reason for the lack of variety. :)

Monday: chicken breasts, baked potato fries, roasted Brussels sprouts

Tuesday: pork tenderloin roast w/ carrots; green beans & mashed sweet potatoes on the side (I am using an adapted version of this recipe -- hope it's good!)

Wednesday: chicken soft tacos

Thursday: chicken parmesan (baked chicken!) w/ whole wheat pasta for hubby and corn pasta for me

Friday: date night! Who knows. ;)

Saturday: home made calzones! I have been dying to try out a spelt pizza crust recipe. :)

Sunday: pulled pork (homemade BBQ sauce -- yikes, this could get interesting! LOL!) on multi-grain buns; side of green beans and corn on the cob

For more menu ideas, hop on over to I'm and Organizing Junkie's Menu Planning Monday!


Amber said...

So you actually cook everyday? Wow..girl I don't know how you do it. But I know you love cooking and planning meals so thats great.

Cool about the mile run too. I'm actually planning on doing a 5k this year myself. Oh and I have prices for that camp I briefly mentioned to you. Let me know if you're interested.

Christina said...

Haha. Our meals look very similar this week. We're having chicken and roasted brussels tonight...a roast tenderloin tomorrow...tacos (turkey) on Wed or Thur...and some homemade pizza instead of calzones sometime. Great minds think alike :D

Jessica said...

Great job on the running! You know my non-running self is impressed!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

yay on the mile!!! and a FAST one at that-youll be able to drop that down easy peasy!!!
and yes,it looks like our menus are simular as well-pork tenderloin roast with carrots and green beans tonight, baked chicken with whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce tommorow,pulled bbq on wed,homemade chiken noodle soup on thursday....thats as far as ive got so far....LOL!
keep up your good work with running,cant wait t o see how fast you can drop that mile time too! :)

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

One mile is a lot, i remember when I first started doing long distance. Great job