Mmmmm Pizza!

Hey guys! This weekend I wanted to make a special and fun meal for me and the hubs. I love eating fun foods on the weekends. We both wanted pizza. I tried finding a good spelt pizza crust, but since I have been dropping at a slower rate, my carb up was not as substantial... so I dug deeper and harder, until I came across many cauliflower pizza crust recipes. WTF?! Who'd a thunk it?! Unfortunately, it also called for cheese in the crust... and I can't do dairy. It just doesn't agree with me. So I made a few changes and substitutions... I wanted lower fat and fewer carbs!

BEHOLD, dairy-free, gluten-free pizza crust!

1c cooked "riced" (AKA shredded) cauliflower
2 egg whites
1c Veggie Shreds

Mix (it will not look like dough!) and spread onto a greased pizza pan.

Bake at 350* for 15 minutes.


Now this doesn't really taste like normal pizza crust, but trust me when I say it is damn good! DAMN GOOD! I topped it with regular ol' tomato sauce in a can, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, crushed red, sauteed baby portabellos and spinach, then my half got goat cheese (I can tolerate goat cheese, thankfully), while the hubs got some meat and cheese piled on, too! Then baked it for another 15 minutes.

The result?

Deliciousness! YUM YUM YUM! I may be making this weekly! It is THAT good.

And to quote my husband, who quoted Pulp Fiction, "That's some serious gourmet shit!"

Seriously. Try it.


Jessica said...

Genie, I think you are my SAVIOR!!!

Sohee said...

Omg... gluten-intolerant AND dairy-intolerant?!?! I can't imagine... but way to go for being creative despite your food restrictions!!!

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your pizza looks good!!
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Heather said...

This sounds sooo good! Seth really liked it, eh? I think I might try it too!

Becca said...

pfft. way too much work for me right now. I am boring and simple and I need it that way...

So...want to come to MI and make me one??

I thought I commented on this last week? I saw it already. I have been MIA from bloglad, due to FB, which I DO NOT LIKE! I resolve to make a change, starting TODAY. LOL