128.6 – Menu Planning Monday and More

Heya folks!! Shooo, this weekend was a busy one. I spent so much time organizing. FUN STUFF! I really do enjoy it, and boy oh boy did it wear me out.

First things first… Menu Planning Monday!

Monday: Chicken, broccoli, baked potato (me), fried mashed potato patties (DH) using leftover mashed potatoes and Italian bread crumbs… this is an experiment. LOL!

Tuesday: Crab Muffins (leftover from last week… I made ½ the recipe as crab cakes and half as muffins), salad

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes (on a whole grain English muffin for me, DH gets his beloved buns), green beans, baked beans (DH)

Thursday: Fish of the day (Mahi Mahi), baked potato, salad

Friday: Chicken, pasta salad (I may have another carb source), broccoli

Saturday: Pizza Night!! Homemade, of course. Choose your own toppings! J

Sunday: Taco night, using shredded pork. Served buffet style! Fun! (This also helps me prep veggies for the week, since I like to keep a salad tray filled for convenience.)

Weekly Recap

Last week was smooth sailing!

It really couldn't have gone any better! I hit quite a few PRs in the gym, survived the ranging hunger from hormonal bliss (ha!), and even dipped down to the lowest weight of this prep yet… albeit by .2 pounds. Yes that is POINT two pounds… 2/10, 1/5, whatever. It's still a milestone, even though there is no reason to celebrate just yet.

Week of 07-26-09 to 08-01-09

Weight Loss: 3.2 pounds




Weekly Goals

I'm going to keep most of last week's goals rolling. They were just what I needed.

** Drink 150+ Ounces of Water Daily

** Abs 2x

** Diet and Training 100% on Point

** Two Scoops of Protein Powder Supps/Day Maximum

** Run/walk 3x (as part of triathlon training) NEW!

**Yoga 1x NEW!

**Pilates 1x NEW!

**At least 5:00 stretching after every lifting session NEW!

I've been thinking, not only do I suck at endurance, but my flexibility is L A C K I N G majorly! So, starting slow, I want to incorporate yoga, and I want to finish off each workout with AT LEAST five minutes of stretching. I always enjoy stretching, so dammit, I gotta just do it.


For all you Virgos out there, here's today's horoscope. I get these in my inbox daily from www.tarot.com. I get a kick out of reading them, sometimes they are silly, sometimes they are eerily on point, but today I found this one highly motivating! That's why I'm posting it here. J

Monday, Aug 3rd, 2009 -- Your key planet Mercury is now at home in your sign, raising the bar on perfection even higher than usual. The messenger planet remains in critical Virgo until August 25, setting you up for success if you can achieve excellence. But you also can be disappointed in yourself if you fall short of your unrealistic expectations. For now, trusting both your perceptions and your logic will steer you in the right direction. Listen to more about today with Rick Levine's

Weekend "fun"

It is amazing how bare the cupboards and refrigerator looks once everything is organized! Sheesh! And yes, I keep junk food and packaged products in the house. Don't hate. hehe

The sad part? We JUST bought groceries. Wow. Seems so empty! I apologize for the crappy pic quality. I get a little pic happy w/ my cell phone! LOL!

What else did I do?!

I tried to tackle this monster. YIKES!

My dad was kind enough to dump a lot of boxes on us several weeks ago before he moved. I guess we will be having a yard sale soon. I don't know what to do with it all. This was our first weekend home, (for me… hubby has been on summer vacation), and this has all just been sitting in our basement… and weighing heavily on my mind. I hate messes like this!

See that big ol' mirror propped up against the wall? That little cubby is where I usually practice my posing and walk... but it's blocked right now... another reason why I gotta get the basement cleaned up! :)

Does anyone have any tips? I hope to finish organizing and cleaning it up by the end of next weekend. It is a bit overwhelming. A lot of it is childhood stuff that I hate to throw away/sell/donate… a lot of it is old décor that was my mom's stuff before she passed… it's sentimental stuff like that that I really don't know what to do with… Ideas?

Alrighty, I have rambled enough. Let's make today a great one!

PS - I promise this blog looks pretty when I hit preview, but when I "Publish" it all gets jacked up! Very very frustrating.


Melissa Cunningham said...

love this post and good to hear you are writing down weekly goals,and sticking to them!!!

as far as your basement goes...start in one corner at a time...take the sentimental things (such as your moms things you want to hang on too,and a handfull of childhood things) and get a large chest to store them in....
then organize things into 4piles...1)sentimental chest keepsakes, 2)throw away,3)yard sale and 4)keep

hope that helspa little bit-i know it can be overwhelming,but one corner at a time until the mess is clean!

keep up your hard work chica!!

Becca said...

omg I just caught up on all your posts. WHEW! Advice for clearing up the basement: house fire!! WOOHOO!!!