Menu Planning Monday - This week is boring!

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent a ton of time in the kitchen playing with different loaf recipes. The result? A ton of loaves that were good, but I don't think they are worthy of posting just yet. Also, I ran out of my beloved PB2, and I may not stock back up until prep is over.

This week's menu is a B O R E! The hubs and I have decided to tighten up our purse strings so that we can build our main savings account up. I crunched the numbers, and while I am good at math, my budgets tend to work better in theory than in practice. LOL! Anyways, we are going to see if we can suffer through this week (and maybe next!) before I up our allowance. You should've seen us counting out change to pay for booze (not mine!) this weekend. LOL! We're going cash only, for the most part.

Oh yeah, back to the boring menu... tight purses and contest prep = food that isn't very exciting!

Monday - 93/7 ground turkey taco salad topped w/ salsa, homemade "fiesta" hummus, and corn

Tuesday - 93/7 turkey burgers (mine without bun), portabella mushrooms, green beans, sweet potato fries veggie shreds, Ezekiel low sodium bread

Wednesdsay - tilapia, barley (does anyone know if this is considered a wheat product?), broccoli

Thursday - buffalo chicken tenders (prep style! I'll post a recipe later in the week!), french fries (baked, of course!), random veggie to be determined

Friday - black bean burgers (no bun for me!), barley (if it's wheat-free), broccoli

Saturday - Heading to my dad's house. Seth and I made a pact to not eat out for the month of August. I'm thinking we may bring down some steaks to grill from our local meat market. YUM!

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10 weeks out. So, I got my goal weight from my coach. I know a couple of you were curious... 118-120. Before my carb up, I was at 124.8, so I don't have a whole lot more to lose. That being said, my abs still haven't made an appearance. That is definitely my trouble spot! I also would not be surprised if once I got to that range, we would need to go lower. That is just how I am feeling currently, but I'm not the expert and I fully trust my coach.

This craphole is still a major stressor for me. Slowly but surely I am making some progress. At least now my posing area is free of clutter.

Check out the crazy concoctions that I made in the kitchen over the weekend!

A muffin with a PB Chocolate surprise center!

PB Chocolate loaves

A meusli loaf for hubby... He said it was really good, so I will share the recipe later in the week. :)

And my attempt at a PB Banana Loaf recipe that my dear friend Kathie requested.

FRUGAL FUN: Check out the goodies I got at CVS for $1.07 this weekend!

I love Extra Care Rewards!


Melissa Cunningham said...

wow,10 weeks out?? time will FLY,and im sure you will meet your goal weight or below by or before then!!
keep up your mad budgeting skills and your hard work in the gym!!


Jessica said...

Barley is just barley. It is not wheat. However, it is commonly used in cereals, comming in second after wheat products. I think it's high in fiber, which is always good!! ;)

Ruby said...

hi Genie I have Celiac Disease.
I have an allergy to wheat and gluten as well as dairy. Barley is not permitted.

HEre is a great website it tells you about lactose tolerance as well as wheat and gluten.

This is the food guide if you have a sensitivity to wheat and gluten.

Barley Graham Flour Rye
Bulgar Kamut* Semolina
Cereal Binding Malt** Spelt (Dinkel)*
Couscous Malt Extract** Triticale
Durum* Malt Flavouring** Wheat
Einkorn* Malt Syrup** Wheat Bran
Emmer* Oats*** Wheat Germ
Filler Oat Bran*** Wheat Starch
Farro* Oat Syrup***
* Types of Wheat
** Derived from barley
*** Information about eating oats

Hope this helps

Ruby said...

Wanted to add that on the web page I had in my initial post there is a substitution guide to help you out.
You are looking awesome

Amy :) said...

I'm so happy for you! Your diet is really working well and I am so thankful you found the culprit of you tummy issues. Oats make me almost double over in pain and pressure…I hope you are over and done with that!!!

OMG those muffins look wonderful! Do they have oats? I feel like I never make muffins/ bread b/c of the abundance of oats!

Genie said...

MELISSA: Ohmygoodness, time is already flying by! Thanks so much girlie!! :) You keep YOUR hard work! You always amaze me. :)

JES: I'm not sure what the main culprit is, but I know that some wheat/gluten things are not being very nice to me. LOL! I'm in the process of narrowing down the culprits.

RUBY: Thank you so much for your input! That helps a lot!! Surprisingly, I seem to be able to tolerate oat bran... although there is some bloat that comes along with it. I'm happy if there is no pain! LOL! Again, thanks so much for the links and information. It helps a ton!

Genie said...

AMY: The muffins DO have oats, but you may be like me and be able to tolerate oat bran... *shrugs* Oat bran oats seem to sub fine for all the recipes I make. :)

Shari 3 boys said...

OH wow where is the recipe for these muffins/loaves?
they look so yummerz!