If at first you don't succeed

Try, try again!

This week has been mentally (and physically!) rough for me! It was bound to happen sooner or later, and I will just be thankful that it happened now, while I'm still slightly ahead. Do you ever have those days/weeks when you just want to eat everything in sight? This has been my week. Monday, ravenous. Tuesday, more ravenous. Wednesday (yesterday), I caved. My mental game slipped, and I succumbed to the almighty powers of the dry roasted almond. :o) It all started innocently enough. I scurried to the grocery store during lunch to pick up necessities: nuts and wraps for the hubby, romaine and cucumbers for me. I'm a mathemagician when it comes to subbing foods in and out of my meal plan, so I ate some almonds, as I counted them, so that I could plug in x and subtract y. I was still hungry. When I got home it was dinner time and I found my grubby little fingers in the almond jar again. Damn crack almonds. It was dinner time, and there was no way I could "fix" the numbers this time. I made my salad, and didn't weigh my lettuce, cukes, or salsa... weighed my chicken, though... I don't know what the logic there was! LOL! Later in the evening, still famished and feeling like the day was screwed, I had an extra scoop of protein powder.

Today, I am feeling the effects of eater's remorse! LOL! I totally made this term up... you have heard of buyer's remorse, right? Anyways, I had to come clean, to my coach, to you guys, and I HAVE to make today better. I'm having a bit of a time digging myself out of this mental hole. I also did not want to make this blog seem like all sunshine and rainbows, because, quite frankly, contest prep can't always be perfectly smooth. I can't really pinpoint why I was so stinking hungry this week. There are just too many factors. The good news is, I am NOT hungry today.

Here are my potential causes:
1. Stress - Wednesdays are always a high stress and high hunger day for me. Work is a bear on Wednesdays.
2. Hormonal - May be a little early for that, but the cravings and hunger felt awfully similar to PMS!
3. Fake sugar - The correlation between my increased no calorie sweetener intake and hunger levels is a little too uncanny to dismiss.
4. My body is simply mad at me for losing weight. LOL!

What am I gonna do about it? Fight tooth and nail to get back on track 110% today.

Alright folks. That's my bah humbug post of the day. It's time to fake it until I make it. Make today count!! :)


Becca said...

Really, an extra scoop of protien and some almonds? Come on girl, that's not that bad! UNLESS...how many almonds are we really talking about? I think you are hungry because your carb ups are few and far between, and by the end of the week, with glycogen levels being so low, you cave! That is why having one every 3rd day works better for me. LOL. I AM WEAK!

You look fantabulous and you are ahead so no worries. Time to dig your heels in and rock it these next 9 wks. WOOT

Tasha said...

You're doing great Genie! Keeping digging deep to finish strong. :-)

Nerd Girl said...

so true. contest prep is NEVER perfect.(and if it is i officially hate you :) hehe). but it doesn't sound like you were too bad! unless you ate all of the almonds? hahaha been there done that!

Melissa Cunningham said...

hang in there chica!!! we all have days like that during contest prep!!!! if this were easy,then heck,EVERYONE would be doing it!! but if an extra scoop of protien and a few extra almonds is all that you indulged in,dont beat yourself up over it too much..im agreeing here with becca for a possible cause to WHY,and hormones do play in as well, whether its stress or early PMS... i have been in your shoes before and the best thing to do is simply try again and make each day better than the last-dont stress about those extra calories,your body probably needed them and they will be long gone beofore you even get close to stepping on stage...
so just hang in there,stay focused and stay positive!!!

april said...

I think it's harder when you have a trainer and they make up your plan. How hard is it to fail? Just follow the freaking paper. Easier said than done though. Nuts are my weakness too. I CANNOT keep them in the house UNLESS it's the 100 cal pks. For some reason those are safe.

If I feel like caving in I make some egg whites. I don't feel that guilty about them :)

What you "indulged" in isn't going to set you back so no worries just move on.

NY Wolve said...

Had similar food remorse. Except yesterday I made a wise choice instead of a bad one, and feel good about it. I have non-workout remorse right now..wishing I had worked out.
Good luck!

Jessica said...

I think you're right, the best thing is that you did it, you're over it, and you aren't hungry today! Me, on the other hand, am very hungry today. I'm afraid to eat something I shouldn't, though, because I still don't TOTALLY get how all this works (am I'm a little scared to tell Bec and Tim if I did eat something I wasn't supposed to! haha) But you LOOK INCREDIBLE, so it's all good, right?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beaners! Miss you so I had to come check out your blog again. I am sorry you had some trouble today with the eats. YES I have had many days like that too, the reason is # 1 your dieting. So yes, it is confusing because you have days your NOT hungry at all and days your starving. Hormones and dieting do this and your body cycles naturally like this anyhow. Dieting it is 100x worse. You are not any "weaker" for it, your strong for sticking it out and even though it is hard the body AND mind will fight you tooth and nail. But keep up the good work and good for you for being so honest and open about it! hope you have a better day tomorrow sweetie!