Better Late than Never! Honest Scrap Award

Hi guys!! I've had a hectic hectic schedule. In fact, so hectic that I didn't even get in the door until WELL after midnight... more about that later. :)

I have been meaning to get around to this, and Melissa, I am so sorry I didn't get to this sooner. :( Please accept my apologies. I am blushing! Thank you Melissa and Becca for choosing my blog.

... and so I copy paste...

This award is:

"bestowed upon a fellow blogger who's blog content or design, the givers opinion, is brilliant. This award is about bloggers who post from their heart,who often times put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul".

The rules to accepting this award are:

1)Brag about it
2)select 7 blogs you find brilliant and link them to the post
3) list 10 honest things about self

1) Brag about it.
Y'all, I'm giddy because I was chosen by not only one fantastic Blogger, but TWO. You all sure know how to make a girl feel good, and I am so glad that you all enjoy my blog. You should see my cheesy grin right now. :D

2) Select 7 blogs you find brilliant and link them to the post.
Now, this, have you all SEEN my blogroll?! This is not an easy task. LOL! Can I skip this part? pretty please?

3) List 10 honest things about self.
Here goes...

1) I hate talking on the phone. I am a texter/emailer all they way.
2) I talk like a hick. Kentucky y'all. :) I don't have as Southern of an accent as some of my friends, but when I go out of state, it really catches people off guard. I have been told that it does not go with how I look.
3) I love frosting, LOVE LOVE LOVE frosting. It's ridiculous. When I think of cheats, I imagine cupcakes with piles of frosting swirled on top. I will buy Lofthouse cookes and just eat the frosting part off and toss the cookie.
4) I have been cutting my own hair for the past year or so. (LOL!)
5) I don't have many girl friends in "real" life. I tend to hang with the dudes.
6) I have fugly feet. My second toe is of freakish lengths. LOL
7) I want to live on a beach. Like ASAP.
8) While it seems like everyone else finds competing very stressful and all-consuming, it's like a mental get away for me. I totally love the process and it helps me escape from my every day job. I actually think it helps keep me sane... or at least somewhat sane. You all know I'm a loon. :o)
9) I have health food store envy. We don't have jack around here.
10) I don't really get the post-show rebound thing. Remind me after this season. I hope I still feel the same way. LOL!!

I know these aren't the deepest honest truths, but I hope they tell you a little bit more about me.


Becca said...

Woot!! Yeah I don't picture you with a southern accent either, strange, cause I know you are from KY. I can't wait to hear your voice, which I'm sure won't be till we meet in person in OCt. LOL!!

Krissa said...

I love your list. I talk like a hick too. :)

Jessica Kluth said...

I hear you on the health food store jealousy! Can't wait to meet you in October!!