Terrific Tuesday!

Hey party people!! I haven't check in in a while, so I a thought the least I could do was send you an update...

Last week was awful, just awful. I felt like I did all the right things, but instead of the scale rewarding me, it creeped up in the opposite direction. So, now I am rewarded with less food or more cardio. LOL! I'm on the fence as to which one I want to do.

Labor Day weekend was just okay. Sunday we went to a cookout/reunion at the in-laws. I brought my meals, and surprisingly, was not even tempted by the goodies they had! WOO HOO! Go me! Monday, however, I couldn't keep anything down. I think I ate something bad? Typical of me. I was eating on the same sweet potato for a week -- how sad is that?! LOL!

Anyways, that's my mini recap! I have a ton of stuff to catch up on here in the office. Later today I will probably check back in to add some placeholders for my "tabs" up at the top. :)

It's a new and SHORT week! Make today a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! I'm ready to make the scale my bitch again! :o)

LESS THAN 7 Weeks out from my first show! YIKES!


Becca said...

Make the scale your bitch!! I LOVE IT!

Sohee said...

Omg you were eating the same sweet potato LOLOLOL