Budget Busters

I spent a lot of money this week... on things that I don't budget for...

1) New suit. Yes, I did it. I wasn't planning on it, but I saw it on Diva Exchange... and, well, it was love at first sight. I hope it fits.

2) Our Foreman bit the dust. The non-stick surface was no longer non-stick, no matter how much Pam I sprayed on that mofo. I ordered a replacement/upgrade through Amazon. Wouldn't ya know. I just checked the status, and they shipped me TWO! WTF?! You can bet your sweet bums that I will be returning one of them.

3) And, as you know, I ordered some bathroom goods.

I need to freeze my cc, because I have blown my financial load. I am really excited about it all, though. :)

In other news, my running stint was short-lived. I lasted a whole week... and I still haven't hopped back on the cardio bandwagon. Attempt #134908 to start it back up will begin next week.

Weight training is totally on point. I live for the iron! I could lift two times a day on most days (BUT I don't!). It's totally unfair that cardio should be almost a daily occurrence (and sometimes more often!), but that would be frowned upon with the weights! LOL!

I am totally postponing starting prep. I want to enjoy my Cadbury Eggs and wine for a little bit longer. I am also eating some foods that my gut is not happy with, although they are "healthy" for most people. Let's just say my digestion isn't happy.

So, that is my brief recap. Work has been CRAZY busy! Insane! and I haven't had the time to pop in and post updates. I hope everyone had a great week! I'm so thankful that this week is almost over! It has not been a good one.


Kathie said...

They shipped you TWO?! Good Grief!

Mmm Cadbury eggs. LOVE me my Cadbury eggs. Actually, right now i'm resisting the urge to hit up Wendy's (or Wawa) for lunch and grabbing an egg while out. Ha! I'm in desperate need of some energy today.

Mellissa said...

I am sure the new suit will look great on you!

Melissa Cunningham said...

you gotta post some pics of the suit when you get it!!!
oh and good luck btw with the cardio,sending positive cardio mojo vibes your way!
oh another oh,i will know in about2 weeks or so if ive got one big baby or if its really 2 little bboogers in there! :)