Chandelier Sparkle

This is the color I recently chose for our bathroom. It looks pink here, but in real life it has a hint of yellow... just a little warmth.

I picked up several swatches on a recent trip to Wal-Mart, and this was the one that I liked best in the room. There is one speedbump, though. Our trim on our ceiling is white, which does not match the wood in the room. This is disappointing, but I just don't see myself putting in all of the effort to change out that trim.


Instead of searching high and low for artwork that I like and find suitable for above the porcelain god ;) , I have decided to install a set of floating shelves. Then I will strategically place a few pillar candles and neatly folded towels on them so that it can be both decorative and functional.

We are also installing a new toilet, and I still need to pick out a shower curtain and window treatments. That will wait until after everything else is finished! Can't wait!


Angela said...

i like kitchen is yellow :) And i like the shelves...cute! Cant wait to see it all finished :)

Sylvia said...

you could paint the ceiling trim the same colour as the wall ? ? it could work to make the walls seem higher and your colour with wood, and walls and trim etc seem more uniform. . kust my 2 cents

oh and by your post title I thought you were talking about a pretty chandelier not paint colour LOL!

Kathie said...

That yellow doesn't look pink to me at all. I think the color selection works beautifully for your bathroom. Most def in fact!

Okay, the trim...honestly, trim work isn't all that bad. You could easily do it. Just rip it down and replace it. Of course i've only done door trims and not ceilings. LOL! The other option could be to paint it the same yellow color and blend it in. I've seen it done. It'll still look nice I think.

Love the floating shelves and decorating ideas. Suits the room and you perfectly! <3

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I jsut love decorating! can't wait to see how everything looks.