Bathroom time!!

No, not going to the bathroom time. LOL! Time to redecorate the main bathroom.

Our home is 60 years old... and our bathroom definitely showed it when we first moved in.

Who am I kidding?! It still shows it.

Here is a before pic from the listing...

Do you see how dinged up the vanity was?! OMG! And check out those lovely plastic knobs! Please ignore the mess. These pics are over a year old from when we first moved in.

Gravy thinks it looks horrible! Do you see the look of disgust on her face? ;)

Well, I managed to refinish the vanity and replace the knobs. It's looking better already!!

These knobs didn't last long, though! They are now satin nickel (not shown below).

Judging by the soap dispenser, I am guessing this pic was taken some time around Halloween 2009. :-D

Here's how it's going down...

The new faucets were installed in 2009. The new knobs and all hardware have been changed to satin nickel as well.

I am replacing our white plastic curtain rod with a nickel crescent rod to make our shower feel roomier. :) Also, that inherited multi-colored shower curtain has got to go! I'm thinking matching ivory, beige, or off-white shower curtains and roman shades for the tiny window.

While we're at it, we might as well paint the bathroom a pale yellow, too! (WOW! That yellow swatch didn't look as bright before!) The bathroom is small. I want to open it up! I'm also partial to an antique white for the walls. Thoughts? I like things to look kind of old and earthy... and I think all white (not bright white) would look good with the wood. So, it's a toss up at this point! I'll have to check out some paint swatches before making my final decision.

I am having trouble deciding between the sconces pictured above. Which do you like better? I think I like the left one, but it is twice the price!

My other roadblock at the moment... this shelf. I don't like it in here! It doesn't match at all, so I am moving it to the basement bathroom. I'm having a hard time finding artwork to put in its place.

There's my tentative plan! I'm sharing it with the whole world (or at least my Bloggerfam LOL!) so that I will get off my lazy butt and JUST DO IT! :)

If only I would adopt that mindset for cardio.


Mellissa said...

Bathroom is going to look great when done! The home stager we are working with suggests a long narrow piece of art for above the toilet it helps make the room look taller.

JJ -Shopping Candy for my first home. said...

I like the sconce on the right better. I am not sure about the yellow walls, but you said it's not that bright in person. I think an antique white would be nice, is that paneling on the walls?

I painted half my bathroom last night, I used a pure white color, but it looks blah. I may have to go with a different color, too. Maybe a creamier color or taupe. I also took my big cupboard shelf off the wall that is like yours. It looks so much better gone, it opens the room a lot! I say ditch it :)

As for art, I bought some photos from Younghouselove's blog of some coral that I'm going to put in the place of the cabinet shelf I removed. I like the idea of the other poster that said to buy something long and narrow to make the room look taller.

Cute kitty!

Krissa said...

I love your cat :)

Dont you just love decorating! I love your kitchen remodel too. Floors look great!

I LOVE yellow. I do think it would help open up the room. A friend of mine just painted her bathroom. She used soft white wainscoating half way up and then yellow paint above that. It looks great.

I like the sconce on the right.

Anonymous said...

My mom is a HUGE yellow fan and after many failed attempts at trying to find a yellow that wasn't too much(it may not look like too much on the swatch but once on the walls OMG) so my advice would be if you like that swatch go up 2 levels lighter. My mom's perfect yellow paint is called "coco butter" and she gets it mixed at Sherwin Williams paint store. I painted my daughters bedroom in it as well a couple of summers ago. :)

Becca said...

Ok your bathroom is still cuter than hours! I like the new stuff you'r picking out and I TOTALLY LOVE those arched shower curtain rods!! you might have to throw up a little when you see ours and the vanity and tile the people put in rigth before we got the house. Remodeling our bathroom is on the list of things to 'do one day when we have money" lol. boo

Carrie said...

I like the sconce on the right.
Swiss Coffee is a nice off white/pale beige color