A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

My goal is to compete. However, I do not want to just waltz up on that stage, unprepared in heels and a sparkling bikini. I want to bring a better package this time around.

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." This afternoon I mapped out my plan. I don’t want to be lost, spinning my wheels, with no direction. I want to know where I am going.

I spent some time looking through old progress pics. It’s funny what you will find. Certain things hit me. When I was doing plyometrics two times a week, my ass was bubblier. Hmmm… wonder why I quit? I actually LIKE doing plyos!

There were also pictures of me with less muscle and more fat, yet I still had a teeeeeny TEENY bit of ab definition. This was back when I actually worked my abs directly… and often. I clearly remember why I quit that! I felt like my waist was getting thick. Of course, that was just because of the extra fat around my midsection

So, I mapped out my plan… week by week, day by day, until I had two months worth of cardio, plyo, and ab workouts scheduled. I realize that planning 8 weeks in advance is a bit excessive, but I was on a roll! :D Plans can change, and I’m okay with that. Now I’m super excited! I can’t wait to start crossing off these workouts, one at a time!

A goal without a plan is just a wish. — Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Keri said...

Good luck! I LOVE plyo...but stopped doing it as well. I need to get back into it. Not only does it whip you into shape super quickly but its supposed to be good for runners because it teaches your legs to have spring when they are tired. Thanks for the reminder of how great ply is!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome! i love plyos too..combined with sprinting, they have literally transformed my legs and butt. i think my butt is even bubblier than before....which im not sure is a good thing hahah....who is doing your diet??

Melissa Cunningham said...

yup,totally agree with keri and lizzie here! plyos,although painful and dreadful at times,in conjunction with HIIT= better butt/legs and abs!!!!
GREAT way to map out the 8 week plan. i would be lying if i said i have never done this,but it is well worth the extra time you put into mapping it out.
a well thought out,well planned map will lead directly to the tresure! (ie your BEST package ever!!!)
*getting excited for you!!!!!!*

Fitness Jenn said...

That is AWESOME Genie...going into each day you will know and be prepared for what you have to do. Proud of you...can't wait to see you on that national stage (and maybe even the same one as me at Team U!)

Becca said...

I have somehow actually nEVER heard that. I love it and am totally janking it.

Great post twinny.