Are any of you all on BodySpace? I just "discovered" it this week. Okay, I've known about it since going to the Arnold in 2008 and signing up to get a free t-shirt... but I never made a profile until now! LOL!

I am so busy at work, yet I find myself going gaga over member pics, playing in the charts and graphs (I LOVE charts and graphs), and I even wrote my first blog post over there. :)

Last Chance Syndrome <-- My first post.

Is it totally lame to copy/plaste <-- HAHA PASTE a blog from there to here? I didn't know if there was certain blogging etiquette that I wasn't aware of. (Like I'm the poster child for proper etiquette or something.) I will paste it at the end of this post post, since I thinking some of you will be able to relate. I know one of you does. Not naming any names. Ha!

If you're on there, look me up! I don't know if it will "stick" since I have the attention span of a two year old hopped up on candy and Mountain Dew.


Pardon me while I attempt to remove my head from my ass.

It just hit me that this Saturday marks 16 weeks out. Mentally, I don’t feel ready to start dieting, to start saying no to my beloved Cadbury Eggs that just came out!!!, to start passing up the bread basket when we go out to eat (I LOVE bread!), to force myself onto the treadmill in the dungeon basement that I completely burnt myself out on last year… I won’t even mention that I have to drudge through the cardio sessions a couple hours before sunrise… because that’s when it’s most convenient.

I find myself suffering from what I will call Last Chance Syndrome, sneaking in a glass of wine a couple nights a week (okay, maybe 2-3 glasses of wine on a weekend night! ;) ), buying Cadbury Eggs because I know I will not get to soon, and cookies… I’ve had a couple this week. All these things I love are things that normally I can say no to without wincing, but now that I know that I won’t be able to eat them whenever I want soon, makes me want to stockpile them in my belly. :)

So, now that I have fessed up, I am going to turn it all around. I am going to flip this Last Chance Syndrome into something good. This may be my last chance to hit the national stage. This may be my last chance to give it my all. You never know WHAT the future has in store, or if you will even live to see the future!

16 weeks out, and NOW I’m ready to rock it.

“Defeat is simply a signal to press onward.” Helen Keller


Anonymous said...

I use to have a Bodyspace and copied my blog over there all the time :)

Therese said...

I am really bad about this "Last Chance Syndrome" but in a different way I guess. Whenever I feel like I have screwed up and eaten something I regret I end up saying "screw it" and stuffing my face because "come tomorrow I WON'T be eating these things for a while." SO dumb!

I feel your pain...wish I had a solution for ya ;)

April said...

What's up Cadbury ;)

Do you believe i've never had one of those?

Um yes i've been on Bodyspace for years. I dont use it anymore. You must be from Kentucky.

AWESOME! My word verification is loinpeed...I knew you'd appreciate that one :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

yeah i had bodyspace,and copy/pasted all the time. im not on there much anymore.....
i do love your post though! very relatabe!love how you flipped it around!
so stop talking bout it and BE about it! (after a fewcadbury cream eggs and wine of course!)

Becca said...

LMAO!!! I have bodyspace but I forgot all about it! I bet I haven't logged in in Months! I did when I was in the middle of prep for Monster Mash I think. Dang! Ugh, too much to keep up with. I didn't really communicat or talk to others on there though. It's lame