And We're Back!! (Recap, Progress Pics, and Vacation Slideshow)

Vacation was great! The weather was stormy, but that's okay. We had a fantastic time!!! We spent Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta. We watched the Lakers play the Hawks (unfortunately Kobe did not put on the show we had hoped for, but it was still a fun game!), and we also squeezed in some bar hopping, gym going, restaurant eats (Cheesecake Factory anyone? hehe), and a trip to the museum where they had the Emporer Qin Terra Cotta warriors tour. Amazing. We left for Panama City Beach after the basketball game, arrived shortly after midnight, and became couch potatoes. :) I did make it to Gold's once where a beefy older man told me that I did not lift like a girl and that I did not have arms like a girl. LMAO! I took it as a compliment and giddily thanked him. We only had one good day of beach weather. We spent that early morning lounging on the cold beach. The rest of our vacay was spent shopping, eating, drinking... I did eat well during the day (egg whites, chicken, and veggies), but I enjoyed our dinners out. I was able to stop when or before I was full, so no damage was done! Below are my 5 weeks out pics to prove it! :) Ignore my wide-eyed face in my front pose. I was running off of fumes having only slept 3 hours, and I tried to look more awake... Uh... Mission accomplished. LOL! I look crazy. Oh well. You can click on the pics to make them larger. A slideshow of our trip can be found here!

Happy Monday to all! It's back to the grind.

Wt: 129.0
BF: 17% (Pfffffft)



Becca said...

17% My A$$. LOL! You look way less to me but what do I know.
You look as good, if not better than BEFORE Vacay, how does that happen? LOL!!! Glad you had a a good time and were able to enjoy yourself. And am I just dumb or did I miss the slideshow of vacay pics? I didn't seen one...

Welcome back!

Genie said...

Hey Becca! I never really trust the handheld BF analyzers. In general, I just look for a downward trend, but eh, oh well. I think I look leaner, too, and am half a pound down, .5 inches down in my waist, and .5 in each thigh. :-D That's what matters, anyways! :)

There is a link to the slideshow... uh.. where it says "here"... click on that. :) Let me know if you can't find it, and I will post the full link.

I can't say that I am glad to be back, but I am happy to have the internet once again! LOL!

Fitness Jenn said...




Genie said...

Thank you Jenn!!!!!

Krissa said...

I want your...everything!!! :)

I love your lats. Nice spread even from the front.


Genie said...

Thank you SO MUCH Krissa! :)