Tanning Woes!!!

Okay, okay... So, I've been slacking in the blog department, what's new?

Right now, I'm still stressed about not being lean enough, but I'm just rolling with it. It's almost over. I'm almost at the finish line, even though I don't think I will present quite the package I had envisioned. That is okay. I'm going to bust my balls and get up on that stage anyways. The stupid scale has worked its way UP once again. I'm broken. I need fixed. In 2.5 weeks I will be able to mend myself back into a calorie burning machine. :) In the mean time, I am really hoping peak week will be magical... I'm gonna need it! LOL!

Noooooowwww, on to something I have a little more control over. What's everyone's favorite tanning process? I'm a little bit stressed about this. My tan will have to be on point! I am too flawed to be flaunting abs and the slightest straitions. I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I have some Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color in my aresenal. Last year, for FAP Bikini, I used Jan Tana. I don't think it liked me. I ended up gross. Liquid Sun Rayz will be there for on site tanning, and I might go that option... What's your tanning process? Do you have any tips? any tips for things NOT to do?

I need help please.



April said...

My BEST color is from 3-4 coats of Protan the Friday of with a coat of Jan Tana competition color the morning of the show. I'm going to try only Jan Tana though because Protan really dries out my skin.