It's Happening!

I'm getting excited! FINALLY! Will my body be ready? I sure hope so, but at this point I've given up on being stressed out about it. I feel like all other things are finally in place. I decided to not worry about tanning myself, so I scheduled that; booked the room last night (got an awesome deal on the rate!); and since I am on SUCH a roll, I even ordered a suit for the fall. LOL! Go me go! I have two blingin' patterns to choose from, and I can't wait to get started. YIPEE!


Becca said...

Hey girl!!
Glad to hear you are on such a roll - feels good doesn't it?
How much longer?
I was going to blog about Jan-Tana and my AWFUL experience getting spray tanned but now you've got it all figured out so I won't bother rushing it. I have been SO FREAKING BUSY i've been MIA from blog land till today.

I can't wait to see your contest pics!!

Angela said...

Glad you are finally excited :) im glad you are getting sprayed...less stress on you!!!

Cant wait to see pics :)

Keep us updated!!!

Julie said...

Yippeee for you!!!!

Genie said...

YAY Ladies!! Thank you so much!

Becca: I'm all ears, wanting to hear about the Jan-Tana! I didn't have a very good experience with it in the past.