Almost to the Finish Line!

I'm getting anxious, excited, and I've stopped worrying about how my body will come in. Sure, I want my midsection to be much leaner, my legs and calves to be bigger, heck my whole stinkin' body could be leaner, but that's okay! I'm okay with it. I just want to have a wonderful experience!

As usual, I have a lot of to-do's floating around in my brain. My current project is a brand new suit. I ordered one to stone then sell, since I had great luck selling my suit that I previously stoned. Well, turns out that this suit fits me wonderfully! CC Fitwear is the bomb! (Do people still say things are the bomb?) I'm going to try to bust ass and see if I can stone this baby by May 9th... but in a stress-free manner. I have the beautiful pink suit borrowed from a friend, and while it 'fits', it is still tight in the hips. I didn't lose much weight at all during this process. I think the running total is 7 pounds. Yeah. How does THAT happen?! Maybe if I went on another vacation, I would lose more! LOL! KIDDING! That vacay weight loss had to be a total fluke!

Post-competition plans are, well, being planned. The hubby and I have had several discussions about cutting out a lot of our meat consumption. There are the obvious reasons: animal cruelty and the high cost of meat, but did you know that it greatly negatively impacts the environment? While I can't say that we'll cut out meat completely (because I can't figure out where one would draw the line... many household and personal care products have bits and pieces of animal in them!), I am hoping that we can help a little by decreasing our consumption. I am so excited about this! and I am totally impressed by my husband and his excitement! My only concern at the moment is how this will effect my physique.


Becca said...

1) Yes, people (I.E. ME!) Still say 'the bomb'. I say the bomb all the time actually. I think it dates our generation though. lol, who cares, it's the bomb. all the cool kids are STILL saying it...

2)7 lbs, I lost 9. 9 lbs on a 13 week diet, WTF? So yeah...but it's not the scale that counts, it's the mirror, right? You know everyone has parts they want to improve but if you're proportioned and look good, that's all you can really ask for, right??

3) Post comp plans - I thought you were going to name a restaurant! I am happy for you that you and the hubs are doing something good for animals and the enivornment; I applaud that. I could never though, I like my meat too much! YUM!!!

Keep on keepin on girl, your next 10 days are gonna FLY!!!

Genie said...

Hey there Becca! Our generation? That makes us sound like we are getting old! LOL! I do still say the bomb, though. Thank goodness I'm not the only one!

As for the scale, I guess my proportions are okay. There are areas that hold more fat, and a couple of areas that really need to build, but maybe I will be alright! LOL! At least it'll be good experience. :)

I've never been a big meat fan. I do love dairy, though, so that's an obstacle to overcome. I found a local organic egg dealer (LOL!) who let's their chickens run amok, so I do feel somewhat more comfortable with that protein source. We're not cutting out meat products completely, especially immediately, but I feel like every little bit counts.