My New Toy

Finally! I got a Heart Rate Monitor! YAY!!

Let me preface this by saying my husband was thoughtful enough to get me a HRM from Wal-Mart for Easter. It was a men's watch, and my wrists are smaller, so I had to sadly return it. So... I bought this bad boy! The Polar F7!


I LOVE IT! I am so excited about my new toy that I just hadtohadtohadto share! I wore it for the first time yesterday during a brutal legs and cardio session. I kept glancing down at the Calories Burned and pushing that number higher and higher. This could get addictive. It's kinda sorta like driving with a GPS that estimates your arrival time... if you are ANYTHING like me, you have to beat that time!

Now, I've never been a competitive person... well, competitive against others, but dammit I am competitive against these inanimate objects -- friggin' gadgets, of all things.


Becca said...

I have one too...I used it for a week...i just feel like it's not accurate...the cals were lower than the elliptical said..>WAY LOWER! so I got pissed and stopped using it. LOL. maybe if the cals were higher I would have liked it more? I just have a cheapy though, nothing as nice as yours looks!!