Before I go...

Progress Pics and stats. Weight's up a bit but BF is down.

6 weeks out! OH MY!

Weight: 129.4
Bodyfat: 15.4%*

Sorry about the dark pics. It's all I got. :-)




*Bodyfat was taken by Omron handheld device -- I don't care about the number, since it probably isn't accurate, I just want to see a downward trend.

I have ants in my pants! I want to leave for vacay, like, NOW!!! :o)


Becca said...

YAY!!! YOU POSTED FULL BODY SHOTS! You are looking FAB!~ I am so happy you found another show and will have time to get to the condition you are happy with to step on stage! 6 weeks is gonna fly! I hope you have a great time on your vacay! Enjoy the fresh yumnmies and have a great time, when you get back, it's crunch time!

Sohee said...

How many years have you been training? You look like a season competitor ;-)

Tasha said...

You look great Genie! I think your shoulders are fuller than before. Have fun on Vacation :-)

Krissa said...


I saw some pics of you on Jen Heath's site. That is you right? They were great pics.

Genie said...

Becca: Thanks girlie! I feel better knowing that I have more time. It does go by SUPER DUPER FAST!

Sohee: Ohmygoodness, best compliment ever! Thank you! :) I have been training for a very long time on and off. The past two years I have been very consistent, but I never bulked until this year. That's where the magic happens, and I can't wait to do it again! :)

Tasha: Thank you girlie! I hadn't noticed the shoulders! I gotta go look now! hehehe

Krissa: Thank you so much! Yes, that is me. That was from a shoot I did last year.

Fitness Jenn said...

You look AWESOME! 6 weeks left! YOU ARE GONNA ROCK IT!!!

Keep up the good work, girlie! I want you to WIN IT ALL!


Genie said...

THANKS JEN!!!!! XO! :)