Time flies when you're not having fun...

Now that isn't quite how the saying goes, is it? LOL! This week has not been a good one, so I have been in a less than stellar mood. I have been able to start each day happily, so at least I'm not dwelling on the negatives. My diet has been 100% on point. I will not waiver. Dammit, it's the one thing I have complete control over while prepping for this competition.

So, I'm just going to briefly touch over two of my negative occurrences of the week... then I'll put them behind me. What's done is done. First, my suit arrived... my beautiful, glorious, suit. It is way sparklier than I imagined. The color is so me! It's too big. Way. Too. Big. I contact the designer... no returns, only exchanges, but they don't make the cups any smaller. I will sell it and wear my friend's suit. It's absolutely gorgeous... and a lot nicer than anything I can afford anyways! And, the other prep related woe... The scale is not moving in a favorable direction. I don't know what the deal is, but I'll keep plugging along.

LET'S FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES!!! I have to end this on a happy note.

1) Diet has been spot on
2) Training couldn't be any better. I've never cardio'd harder in my life. :)
3) I have a beautiful suit to wear thanks to a very gracious friend. (XO Thank you so much!)
4) In just a little over three weeks I will be able to cook my little heart out! I haven't missed eating food nearly as much as cooking! How weird am I?

Have a terrific Thursday!


Becca said...

Hey Genie!
Well, as long as the scale is not moving in the WRONG direction, you'll be ok, right?

How much longer do you have? May 10th, right? Where did your coutdown thingy go?

Let's see some progress pics! I'm sure you're looking awesome right about now!

Genie said...

Heya Becca! How are ya girl?! The scale is moving in the wrong direction and it is very frustrating!

I have a little over 3 weeks. My show is May 9th... I should post up another countdown! Great idea!!

I may post pics up Saturday -- but only if progress is made (in the RIGHT direction). LOL!

Julie said...

I am the same way, I just want to cook! But luckily for me, I am cooking my little heart out! I will make you something delicious that you can eat in three weeks! ;)

Genie said...

LOL! Julie! If I cook fun things, I find myself habitually taste testing. Licks here... a taste there... all without realizing it! :-D

Yay for treats in 3 weeks! Please, no hot dogs from your stand. LOL!

I miss your updates! Hope to read what you are up to soon! :)

Heather said...

Your #4 cracked me up because I cooked up a storm when I was in prep! Kevin swore he gained while I was dieting because I made him so much stuff! Dinners, baked goods, etc. Ah well, if I couldnt enjoy it then someone should, right?!?

You are doing GREAT girl & it's almost over!

bubbachuck said...

you are going to rock columbus kid! i'm proud of you!