Thursday, Mar 5th, 2009 -- You may have to give up your need for clear thinking today, for mental Mercury's alignment with hazy Neptune places a layer of impenetrable mist over your world. Your normally sharp perceptions lack focus now and critical analysis seems out of the question. Contrary to your belief, there's no need to struggle. Let your feelings guide you, even if you don't have the facts to back up your intuitive hunches.

Okay, I admit, I read my horoscope nearly every day. They amuse me. Do I put any stock into what it says? Normally, no, but I think I might need to! They are usually eerily on point. I just had to share!

Krissa, Becca, this is for you two! Here are my pics from earlier in the week, approximately 1.5 weeks out from the initial show date. My friend let me borrow her suit. It is SO gorgeous! I wish the pics were better so that you ladies could see it! :)



Krissa said...

Are you sure you were not ready? The pics wont get any bigger but you look great to me. You will be ready for the next show so much easier now. You know what needs to be done. I love your wings. :)

Fitness Jenn said...

Looking good...I love your legs...GOD!!! Awesome!

Sohee said...

I think you have an incredible physique. My eyes were especially drawn to your SHOULDERS!!

Becca said...

YOU DIDN'T LOSE ENOUGH FAT? you look PHENOMINAL!WTF? Ok, now I'm upset at you. Please tell me you didn't cheat yourself out of the diet!!! Please tell me you can pick back up and step on stage in 9days.


Genie said...

KRISSA: Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, I probably could have gotten on that stage and not stuck out like a sore thumb, but that was not my intentions. I want to reach a certain level of leanness and then showcase that at a competition. So, it's more about the goal than the competition... Sheesh, does that even make sense?! LOL! I do know that it isn't a level of leanness I can keep very long, I just want to get there!

And thanks! I finally learned how to flare'em out.

JENN: Thanks girly!! Love your new profile pic!

SOHEE: Thank you! I love working shoulders, specifically lateral raises. It's such a weenie exercise, but it's one of my favs. :o) I do a lot of push presses, too, but I don't like them. haha

Genie said...

BECCA: Thank you!! I think the pics look better than I do in person maybe? I'll get up there one day. This just was not the time. I gotta feel the confidence! Know what I mean? :)