Workin' on my V

I finally got my back pose down. My V taper was disappearing because I was leaning back a bit. I'm far from curvacious, so unless I flare those lats I am straight up and down. LOL!

Monday I received Julie Lohre's posing DVD. Yesterday I watched the entire thing while doing my easy cardio session. As soon as I hopped off my treadmill, I put her tips to work. I can already tell that this DVD will be an invaluable tool for me. She explains everything in such a simple way that I was just like DUH! This is obvious! Thanks to her DVD, things are now clicking.

Annnnnd, I finally got my woosh! WOOOO HOOO!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that I will be lean enough for the competition in March. If not, that's okay, too. It has been a wonderful learning experience. :)



Kathie said...


YOU .... HAVE .... A .... V !!!!

*does happy dance*

Genie said...

WEeeee! :) Now if only my waist would LOOK smaller!! LOL!

Becca said...

Hey Genie! Found your blog through Tasha's. Great blog. Looks like you're only a few weeks out, and I'm right behind ya. Keep up the good work!

Genie said...

Hi Becca! Welcome!! Isn't Tasha a doll?! :)

I'm about 4.5 weeks out right now. I hope I get lean enough. I'm giving myself about 2 more weeks before I make my final decision. That's when the application is due. :-O

Tasha said...

You guys are too sweet :-) You look great Genie and your back pose is awesome. I thought Julie's DVD was so helpful and I've only watched it once so far. You have to compete in March, I really really think you'll be ready.