Click Click Boom

Come on! Come on!

Okay, I have no idea why that song is in my head, but it is, and those are the only words I know.

My weekend was an absolute mess. I'm still fighting off this wretched cold or whatever it is I have. I was in bed all weekend. Diet remained clean and pretty much on point. One day was a little too high because I had planned on lifting, but I could barely sit up, so I decided against it. Another day was too low because I could only stomach protein shakes. I guess it balances out in the end, right? ;-)

I am still sick, but at least I made it to work. I have less than a week to send in my registration and entry fee. At this point I am still undecided. Even though my weight has dropped quite a bit (10 pounds total since the beginning of prep), I still feel fluffy. Perhaps it is water weight due to illness. I am hopeful for some sort of ab unveiling by the week's end.

The diet is going surprisingly well. I rarely want for anything. I am not going to lie, some chocolate and wine would be fabulous, but when wouldn't it?



Becca said...

Seriously, you hardly crave anything? DANG YOU!!! DANG IT I SAY! Chocolate, Wine, and Nachos top my list, but I want them badly.

Ok, you have 19 days. You better freaking do it!!! I say send the regristration in, just to be safe. You still have over 2 weeks, you can do it!!! PLUS, this way, with the money 'gone' you'll be sure to bust your a$$ to be ready on time. If you end up not going through with it, that will teach you to back out or not be ready! LOL!!

Hope you're feeling better.

Genie said...

Well, maybe I should clarify... lol! Chocolate, wine, nachos, and let's add beer (LOL!) all sound good, but I don't have the overwhelming urge to eat/drink any of it. Maybe it's the cold talkin! LOL!

I'm so hung up on the $$ factor for this show. I'd have to get two nights in a hotel and take a PTO day since there is mandatory pre-reg on Friday. I am scared of 'waisting' my money if I'm not going to be ready. *sigh*