I have become overwhelmed with doubt regarding this competition. Surprisingly the diet and training have not been difficult to adhere to. I love the diet and training process. The overwhelming doubt stems from my lack of progress. I am progressing, but I feel like it has been slow. I did not have a lot of weight ot lose to begin with, but now I am beginning to wonder if I expected too much.

So, this is where I stand currently. Uneasy and unsure to a point of slight nausea. Oh joy!

With that said, I am determined to pick myself up, turn my self-inflicted frown upside down, and plow forward with everything I have. I have 2.5 weeks to turn in my application. If I don't compete, at least I will be able to say I busted my balls and gave it my absolute all!

P.S. Saturday I decided to bail on the competition. Enjoyed some cookies on Sunday. Damn. Those were good. :)