My wonky body is not listening.

It does not want to lose weight. I got my woosh last week. This week my weight is up again. It is driving me bonkers. My cals are going down tomorrow. My refeed days are quite generous, so I know that I will be fine. I just need to make it through the low days -- gotta be strong! Gotta blast this fat off of me!

I have been slacking in my blog. I do have a couple of recipes in the works. My first attempt at a clean oatmeal raisin cookie was a little too fluffy and muffin-like, but it will be coming shortly. :o)


Tasha said...

Are you just weighing your self or have you been doing body fat too? I can't imagine that your BF% is still the same.

Also, I need that oatmeal cookie receipe so please hurry on that! LOL.

Do you have any low carb high protein receipes you're hiding away?

Genie said...

Heya Tasha! I've been checking BF by bioelectrical impedance... it isn't that reliable, IMO.

Have you tried the protein pancakes a couple posts below? Those are pretty good and portable! Are you wanting sweets type of recipes or savory dinner types?

I'll get that oatmeal cookie recipe to you soon! hehe

Krissa said...

I made your "apple pie" recipe you posted! I honesty was kinda skeptical about them but WOW! They bake up so nicely and there is nothing to them. YUMMY! I look forward to another recipe!

That weight will come off. :)

Post more pics.

Krissa said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

The heard rate monitor I got was CHEAP! I got it at Walmart. I was about to drive an hour to dicks sporting goods but decided to check walmart first. It is a

Sportline SX Universal Combo (it has the strap which I prefer and it says it is the ONLY watch that functions with or without a chest belt. Not for sure how true that it but whatever. It was only 47 bucks. I am about to try it out in an hour while doing P90X. I will let you know what I think of it.