I've done gone and lost my mind!


I suppose it was only a matter of time. I always get these crazy ideas.

I was IMing with my dear friend Carrie the other day. This girl (*ahem* lady, why do I always insist on calling females girls? LOL) has done a complete LIFESTYLE transformation. Her physique transformation itself is amazing, but she has such a zest for life and is such a go getter, that she not only competes in Bikini competitions, she has found herself racing, and placing really well -- winning FIRST in her very first race!

Anyways, I am totally inspired. I've always thought entering 5ks would be fun, but I have ADD when it comes to training...errr... running. I'll get halfway through the Couch to 5k program and quit. I have to move on to something else. Well, when Carrie and I were 'talking', I thought that training for a triathlon would be totally FUN! You have to mix up the cardio when you train. I have never been an endurance athlete. I'm all about fast-twitch... sprinting, jumping... I think it's from gymnastics growing up, and sprinting and jumping on the track team. Maybe that's just what my muscles like.

This is out of my element. I am TOTALLY excited! Y'all know I'm in a bulking phase, so I'm using the next two months to get my feet wet. There is a sprint dualthon/triathlon on August 2, but that is just too close for someone who has no endurance... especially when trying to build muscle... so, I'm shooting for August of 2010. That should be P L E N T Y of time.

I ordered my first road bike yesterday. I bought the cheapest one I could find (after three days of research). The reviews are decent, and I did not want to invest a lot in my first bike.

Here she is:


I can honestly say that I don't remember the last time I was so excited about anything!!

I will s l o w l y start training next week, and I will still keep my cardio minutes to a minimum.

Time to TRI something new!!! :)


Sohee said...

WOW soo exciting! I'm planning on becoming a triathlete next year as well. You ordered your road bike!! Oh man I would be jumping up and down. I've always wanted to get into triathlons, and almost did last year, but decided that I was more interested in figure for the time being. Later on I'm going to try and see if I can juggle BOTH :)

Krissa said...

That is crazy cause I decided to do one too! Well, not a tri yet but a duathlon. I am learning to swim though so maybe next year I wont sink. :)


Amy Wimer said...

Awesome! I am so excited for you. I know you will do great!

Becca said...

I am not a fan of bike riding but only cause it hurts my fat butt!! LOL!! good for you! I love the bit about trying something new!

Anonymous said...

Hey chica! ME??? Inspired YOU???

I am soo excited for you!! I am trying to convince my sister that if I FLY to Dayton to do the AirForce Marathon Sept 19th that she must do it with me. Hmmm (wink)

Genie said...

Sohee, how very cool!! I'm excited about this next challenge. I'm going to jump right in and try to juggle both. I tend to hold onto muscle pretty well, so I think it's possible!

Krissa, VERY COOL! It sounds like a lot of us are on the same page!! That makes this even more exciting. I may do a dualthon next August, too. It depends on how much pool time I get. I get kind of skeeved out in lakes. LMAO! I DO NOT LIKE FISH! LOL!

Amykins, thank you for dropping a line!! and thank you for the vote of confidence!! You are the bomb! <3

Becca, oh no. I haven't rode a bike in so long. I hope it doesn't hurt my ass. LOL!

Carrie, yes YOU! Seriously, you are such a go-getter. Gotta get me some of that! We'll have to confabulate a bit more. That marathon is close to my birthday... and you know I get plane tix to your neck of the woods...err... beach for cheap. ;) Maybe your sis can drive to my house, and we'll fly down for $75 a pop. LOL!

Kathie said...

Gah! I want to do a tri too .. just not a big fan of the swimming part tho. That is where it will get me. LOL!!

And ahem! No idea you did gymnastics before or sprints on track. Girl, ME TOO! (hahahaha! surprise, surprise)

I think you'll do great. So glad you were able to get your bike. :)

Tori said...

I also am looking into a road bike.....which one did you get??