Almost there!!

Comp day is approaching WAY too quickly. Yesterday I wanted to quit. Seriously. I have been bloated from the salt and water load... I'm talking so bloated that I was in PAIN... doubled over pain, rest my head on the bench between sets pain, sleep curled up in a ball... I ain't even joking. But, I feel better today. My body has grown accustomed to the salt and water, and I'm not nearly as bloated. Thank goodness! Potassium got thrown in the mix today, too, so I am a peeing fool.

I practiced posing this morning, tried to tweak things... I just made myself unsure and uncomfortable, but I will practice more this evening.

It WILL come together. Almost there!

You all are going to think I am nuts. NUTS! Out of every single freaking thing I could eat, the one thing I am truly looking forward to the most is a big ol' bowl of steaming hot steel cut oats... PLAIN! with nothing but a bit of sea salt. OMG. I want it now.


Sohee said...

steel cut oats? i love steel cut oats, but that is NOT what i would want after a show... LOL.
crazy, you are :p

Krissa said...

I did South Beach Diet and at the end of those first two weeks (I know you have been doing this LOT longer) I REALLY wanted LOTS of oats!!!!

I cannot wait to see pics. You are going to do great and you know it. Do not doubt yourself one bit.

Becca said...

LOL! I love steel cut oats too but yeah, those aren't what I would be craving. HOwever I suppose if I would have had my oats cut from the diet things might have been different. I craved nachos!! Are you getting excited or what?

Genie said...

Hi Sohee!!! I am a nut. I know it! LOL!

Hi Krissa! I would be lying if I said I felt ready. My body needs a break, and I STILL don't feel like I'm lean enough. I can't diet forever, though, and I'm not backing out this time. :) I'm just going to make the best of what I have to bring.

Heya Becca!! I love 'em! I have never had them until a few weeks ago, and since I don't get carbs that often, I guess that is why I'm craving them. I'm drinking a glass of wine the night before, and I get chocolate the day of, so I already have those bases covered! LOL!