A couple proofs

Hey folks! I got a couple proofs from the photographers at my show! My back pose looks off, like I hadn't quite hit it yet. I hope that wasn't my actual pose! LOL!



As you can see, I am completely bloated in the tummy area. (Thank you TOM!) Also, my candy pump did not work... I just seemed to smooth right over. After a steak and baked tater w/ butter and sour cream, and a nap, I looked like this (taken by my phone! lol):


I will have more pics once I receive the CDs from the photographers. I can't wait to see them. I'm already looking forward to my next prep.

My plan is to go back to bulking! I'm eating leisurely at the moment, but I mapped out my nutrition earlier in the week, and now I am working out my training kinks. I can't wait to get back into the gym!!

Also, for you ladies who have prepped yourselves for shows, did you start at 12 weeks out or 16? Just thinking ahead.

Have a great day! and the weekend is so close I can smell it! hehe


Fitness Jenn said...

Yay...pics! How did you do? (Or did you post that in a blog and maybe I didn't see that one)

I started 16 weeks out but I didn't do it myself, I had a plan made up for me.

When do you want to do another show? Are you doing it on your own or do you have someone helping you?

Let me know if I can help in anyway...I'll offer my best suggestions!

Looking good! Keep working HARD!

Becca said...

Oh boy does that suck that you felt you looked better afterwards!!! Oh yeah, I had TOM when I won my bikini comp. I still think I looked soft and I HATED how I looked compared to my figure comp. Maybe you just needed more clean hard carbs before taking the stage, instead of fatty carbs like reeses cups...?

I started at 13 weeks out, which I thought was 12 weeks. I know I didn't place but overall I was extremely happy with how I looked - hard and tight. I lost a 10% of fat in my diet, and had 2 cheat meals in there as well. I also believe that I lost some muscle, but not much...I just don't think I had a lot to start with. My back never got as lean as I wanted it, and neither did my legs, but my arms/shoulders/chest/abs were crazy ripped... If I had to do it again, I would do 12 weeks again and def. try to stay 100% clean vs the bites of junk here and there that I did the first time around.

I think you LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! I'm glad you had a good outlook on your comp after your show. I am already looking forward to next prep as well. Can't wait to see more of your pics!!

Becca said...

Hey. Tasha and Marissa and I are thinking about doing an OCB show outside of Chicago in Oct/Nov. Nothing is set yet but it would be fun...

Genie said...

BECCA: October/November would actually be PERFECT! I'm hoping to do a show around here late October anyways. :) Chicago is about 5-6 hours from me. It would definitely be fun!!

Thanks for the compliments and input! I definitely don't want to start prep any later than 12 weeks. I need every second. LOL! And, I won't be doiong the fatty carby pump up next time. I wasn't really lean enough to get good results with it this time, but next time I will play it by ear, and eat foods my body is used to.

JENN: I was in the 3rd callouts, and got 10th place. The class was HAYOOOOOGE, so I was in the upper half of the competitors in my class. Craziness! There were so many unbelievable physiques (girls who had competed at Jr. Nats and stuff), so I was just happy to LOOK at their physiques, let alone share a stage with them. LMAO

I'm looking at an Oct. 24 show right now. I want to see where this bulk takes me, and I have a lot of work to do. I wish I didn't need more muscle because I'd really like to do an August 1 show. LOL

EM :) said...

I Think You Look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathie said...

I might have left you a little bloggy award over at my blog. ;)

Genie said...

Thank you EM!!!

Teehee KATHIE!! Thank you! *mwah*

Anonymous said...