SQUASH those cravings!

Fries?! FRIES?! We don't need no stinkin' fries!! :)

Here's one of my favorite eats at the moment!! Butternut squash fries!

1. Preheat oven -- I broil these bad boys on HIGH! Spray pan w/ non-stick cooking spray.

2. Peel then slice, dice, cut (which ever is your preference!) your squash.

3. Toss on the pan, arrange the pieces in one layer, and spray them with cooking spray.

4. Add your favorite seasonings -- these are good savory or sweet! My current favorite flavor combos are: smoked sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper OR smoked sea salt, chili powder, fresh black pepper, garlic

5. Stir'em around a bit to make sure that each piece gets its fair share of seasoning lovin'.

6. Put'em in the oven! I usually prep these first and let them broil while I finish preparing the rest of my meal. You can take them out every ten minutes or so and give them a gentle stir. I've let them cook any time between 15 minutes and 50 minutes... you just want to make sure the squash is tender. The browning preference is up to you -- I just go for convenience... when the rest of my meal is finished cooking the squash is, too. LOL!

Here they are post seasoning:

And in the oven, along with acorn squash... I like to put my oven to work! LOL! I was prepping acorn squash for lunches later in the week.

And all done!! I enjoy these with 1-carb ketchup. Mmm, mmm, good!

What did I do with the acorn squash once it was tender?

I mushed it up with a fork, added seasoning, and threw it in a tupperware container for later in the week. I add the seasoning before I eat it, since I never know if I will be in the mood for savory or sweet! (HELLO SAIGON CINNAMON -- I heart you!)

Meal prep efficiency is one of the keys to keeping up a healthy diet while running on fumes.


Becca said...

Mmmm food. Looks so good, Genie! I am going to try those! WOOT!!!

Sohee said...

Genie, I LOOOOVE butternut squash. I had a huge hankering for it over the summer and had my fair share, LOL. Maybe I should make some this weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think i've ever had butternut squash? I see them popping up every where though. Maybe after my comp i'll give this a try!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

mmmmm,between you and becca posting all this food stuff,i can really tell show time is just around the corner...LOL!!!

Jessica said...

Looks like the sweet potato fries we like to make! YUM! Hey, I have a black bean recipe on my blog... Maybe you should accept my invitation to view my blog, friend. Friend? We're friends, right? :) lol

Krissa said...

LOOKS GREAT! I went to Whole Foods today mainly to get Butternut Squash from the hot bar. It is soooooo freakin good! I will try to make the fries myself.

Dana said...

Hi Genie! Glad we found each other. I can't believe we're going to be in the same show. It's nice to know I'll be familiar with someone there. I'm getting really nervous. I worry about everything but trying to relax and enjoy these last few days. You look like a Pro. I thought you were when I saw your thumbnail. You have a beautiful smile and presence! You looked so relaxed!

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