Guess Who's Back?!

Guess who's back. Back again. Genie's back. Tell a friend.

BWAH! I am running at about 80% today... I'll take it! WOOT! Energy is great (yesterday I was a lethargic piece of poo!), my throat still hurts a bit, and congestion is still slightly present... but whatevah! My cardizzle has been lacking, but today I managed to do slow jog + walk intervals. I felt like I climbed Mt. Everest... except I wasn't tired, hungry, delirious, or cold when I finished.

Just out of sheer boredom this morning, I took pics of my eats for the day. My carbs are low until Saturday, so that's why it's mainly veggies. I love my food, and here lately, I have been loving coconut oil more than usual. I need to use other fat sources, but this is oh-so-tasty! *smacks lips* nomnomnom.

Pre-Cardio Snack:
1/2 Slice Ezekiel, Coconut buttah oil

Post-Cardio Snacky-snack:
Egg whites
(I bake several batches of these at a time in mini-loaf pans, and they fit nicely in my Ziplock snack bags)

Maragogype Coffee, sipped throughout the morning.
Dontcha love my cock cup? Hahaha

Meal 1:
Chicken, zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers topped with coconut oil and smoked sea salt.
Love the smoked sea salt and coconut oil combo! EFAs on the side (not pictured)

Meal 2:
Chicken, green beans, coconut oil, and smoked sea salt

Meal 3:
Tilapia and coconut oil under a mound of coleslaw mix, topped w/ sweet and tangy mustard.
The slaw mix was on closeout for $.50! I snagged up the last two bags. I've been eating it all week. Sick. Of. It.

Meal 4:
Chicken, green beans, coconut oil, and smoked sea salt. AGAIN!
I love it! With a side of creatine and glutamine (pre-workout)

Meal 5:
In the crockpot: Pork tenderloin topped with an array of spices...

with a side of asparagus drizzled with olive oil and topped with... you guessed it, smoked sea salt, and broiled until wilty and brown in spots... my favorite way to eat veggies! slightly charred!

Meal 6:
Protein shake w/ lots of ice and water! A side of fish oil caps (not ALL of these, sheesh!).

I have my trusty dijon and hot sauce on standby for all meals... except the protein shake -- that's just gross! ;)


Mellissa said...

Get better soon!

Sohee said...

Hmm the egg white block looks interesting, LOL. Is the texture okay? How do you eat it? I might have to give it a try....

Melissa Cunningham said...

glad your back! well, mostly at least! lol! show time is just around the corner! getting excited for you!!!
oh,and thanks for the nice comment on my blog btw!!

try to feel better soon!!

Fitness Jenn said...

You are my HERO...I love your food combos and I have to try them! I am so proud of you...114.6 sista! Congrats on 1st place!