How Many Days Out?

Peak week, peak week! WOOO HOOO DAWGGY! (don't know how to spell that... )

I feel like I have a LOT to do. Today I finally got around to booking the hotel room. We aren't staying at the host hotel. I did not see the point when the host hotel was still 2 miles away from the venue. Also, I thought about how pooped I was after pre-judging last time... I mean POOPED... so I booked two nights on Hotwire for less than what I would have paid for one night at the host hotel. SCORE! Now I can nap before the night show. AND, I'm such a child, I want to go swimming when we get there Friday night. They have an indoor pool and hot tub that is open until midnight. I wonder how that would affect the tanner I put on Saturday?!

Tonight I will hit get a hair cut (y'all, I look like a bum. It's ratty!), hit some calves, make some muffins (maybe), packpackpack, I don't know what else. My brain, although mush, is going a mile a minute. Some moments I am completely docile and unenthusiastic about the weekend ahead... other times, like this very moment, my brain is going a mile a minute... and I'm NERVOUS at this very second, but this too shall pass.


Okay, totally random post. I hope everyone is having an awesomely fabulous Tuesday!

P.S. I am still congested.


Melissa Cunningham said...

whoo-hoo!!!! getting excited for you!!!!!
4 days left-you got this!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah!!! i'm stoked for you!! you are going to kick assss :)

Dana said...

Hey! Got your post, left you a response. I can't believe its almost here. I'm trying not to be nervous and make the adventure fun. I am slowly getting things together for packing. My husband and I are staying at the host hotel. I don't know anything about the area and thought I would do what was easiest. I didn't think about trying to get somewhere cheaper but the gals doing my spray tan, hair, and makeup are set up at the host. Less stress on me, which I wanted to avoid since I have no idea how my emotions will be. I am really looking forward to seeing you there. I am in the height class 5'2 to 5'4. Will we be on stage together? That would be great!

Jessica said...

Genie I'm so excited for you! I really hope you get it!!!! Does your brain really become mush and super busy during peak week?

Becca said...

Awesome. See, you need to do more random posts about how you're doin. Oh I am such a baby too. 2 nights in a hotel is always more fun than one. REMEMBER WHY? LOL

Shoot, I wouldn't stay at the host hotel if it costs more, see for MM, it's fine because there is nothing else cheaper around with fridge and microwave. lol

I am so excited for you girlie!! How far away is it from your home again? You working FrI

Genie said...

Thanks MELISSA and LIZ! I'm ready to get this show on the road.

Hi DANA!! I'll respond on your blog. :)

JES, no my brain is quite mushy without peak week. LOL! I've actually been alert, energetic, and happy most of the week. There are moments of denseness, though! LOL!

BEC, why? I'm working all day Friday. I think it's just under three hours away. Work, gym, home, then we're heading to the hotel. It will be a busy day!