My Favorite Pre-Workout Kick in the Pants!

Okay, so the title of this post doesn't make complete sense, but it's all good. Y'all know what I'm saying. ;-)

First, I would like to declare my love for beta-alanine, especially First Order. I want to share with you my favorite pre-workout concoction! I accidentally stumbled across this beauty while in a rush to get to the gym. The first time I mixed it up, I did not know that I would want this before every single workout!

1 pkt First Order
1 heaping teaspoon of creatine
8oz. water

Mix up that goodness in a shaker cup and down it approximately 15 minutes before your workout. If I need an extra kick, I add a dropper full of Green Tea concentrate.

Tastes like Kool-Aid!

Disclaimer: Beta-Alanine may cause a tingling sensation.


Tasha said...

Where do you get the green tea extract? Offline or from a natural food's store?

Third Wish said...

Heya Tasha! I order it online. I order most things. I live in an itty bitty town! :)