8 Weeks and 4 Days Out!

Time is passing a little too quickly! Will I be lean enough? Will my posing be just right? Will my suit be finished? There are so many questions bouncing around in my head. Only time will tell!

I finally started stoning my suit. I was able to get a custom blank suit for a bargain, thanks to bartering, and I already had the necessary supplies and Swarovski crystals for stoning. So far, I have invested a good 1.5-2 hours stoning my suit. It is nowhere near finished.

Here she is... let the stoning process begin!

As some of you know, suits are friggin' expensive. I'm pretty happy with my thrifty craftiness, even if it means I will have to inhale days upon days worth of glue fumes to get it complete. :o)

For those interested, here are products I use to stone my suits:

Jewel Setters: These truly make setting the stones super simple!

E6000 Adhesive:

Toothpicks: for applying the glue!

and, of course, Swarovski crystals:

I buy all of my supples from http://www.artbeads.com/


Wennndy said...

Hmmmmm .... I've used that glue before. Did it make you happy and headachey at the same time? :)

I am thinking of trying HotFix, but it is so expensive to get the startup materials.