Google is my Friend. Part I.

Click. Hum. Silence.


Click. Silence.

More cursing.

Hubby is totally ticked off. The garbage disposal is broken.

Move forward 24 hours. DH is still cursing that darn thing. Uhm, Hello McFly, if you put a shot glass down the drain and flip the switch to the disposal, chances are it's going to break! In DH's defense, he did not know a shot glass was down there... How it got there is beyond me. After hours of griping, listening to how, "It will cost 500 to THOUSANDS of dollars to fix," (I had to snicker at this... Dramatic much? ), Google came to the rescue! After 5 minutes of research and 10 minutes of elbow grease from Miss Fix-it (that would be me ;) ), the disposal was fixed. How's that for thousands of dollars in repairs? I love my husband, but not for his repairman skills.

*sigh* The joys of being a first-time home owner.